Saturday, September 15, 2012

Angel Heart Beaded Bookmark GIVEAWAY!

My Creative Mommy is really growing, and to show my appreciation I'm going to give away today's absolutely beautiful Angel Heart Beaded Bookmark to one lucky My Creative Mommy follower! Here's how it works...
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It's that easy!
I will pick one winner at random Friday, September 21st 2012 at 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time (USA), and announce the winner in my blog post on Saturday, September 22nd 2012.

Materials for the Angel Heart Beaded Bookmark can be found at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads or eeBeads. Both have great websites and customer service.

Now let's get started making the Angel Heart Beaded Bookmark, here's what you'll need:
  • Assorted beads and charms
  • Crimp beads (3 by 2 millimeter)
  • Basic jewelry tools - round nose pliers, wire nipper, crimping pliers
  • Beading wire (I used Accu-flex 49)
  • Metal shepherd's hook bookmark (around 5 inches)
Cut three strands of wire twice as long as your desired length. It is better to have too much wire and trim the excess, than to not have enough! The crimp bead is the tiny cylinder shaped bead in the middle of the wire in the picture below.

Next you will run each of the three strands of wire through the crimping bead. Then thread the three strands of wire through the hole in the shepherd's hook. Last, loop them around and back through the crimping bead.   You will now have a total of 6 strands of wire in that little crimping bead. When you're finished it should look something like the picture below. 
Holding the crimping bead and shorter strands of wire, tug on the longer strands, sliding the crimping bead closer to the shepherd's hook. You want it close, but not too snug - this will allow the beaded strands to dangle freely.

Take your crimping pliers and squeeze them closed over the crimping bead to lock the wire in place.

Then snip the ends of the shorter strands of wire with the wire nippers. Do not snip the wire flush with the crimping bead. Instead leave enough to tuck into the first bead or two so no sharp edges are exposed.

Time to let your creativity flow! Starting with your first strand of wire - lay out the beads on a pillow case or towel in an arrangement you like. The towel keeps the beads from rolling around.

Keep at it until you're happy with the way they look, then thread each bead on the wire. 
After your last bead, thread on one crimping bead. Then thread the wire through the loop on your charm and back up through your crimping bead, crimp and snip just like you did when you attached the wires to the shepherd's hook. 

Repeat the entire process of beading, crimping, and snipping with the other two strands of wire. You may want to vary the lengths of the wire for a different look. You can also just use one or two strands of wire for your bookmark.
Great job!
Your finished bookmark will be so beautiful you'll want to ditch that e-reader and pick up a nice leather bound classic!

Special thanks to my Mama for her technical expertise on this project, and for nurturing my creativity long before I even knew it was there : )

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It is both humbling, and exciting to know people are actually reading what I'm writing, and hopefully trying out a few of the projects.

My goal is to take the whole world on a creative journey, one project at a time! Thanks for coming along.

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