Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sponge Bomb Water Game!

The sponge bomb bucket toss water game is super fun, easy to play, and inexpensive to make. The supplies cost me under $6.00 and I used two old dishpans I had hanging around for the buckets. My kids enjoyed helping me make the sponge bombs, and we had an absolute blast playing the game. We were soaked within minutes and laughing the whole time! I bet sponge bombs rock in the bathtub too. I first saw the sponge bomb bucket toss game and tutorial online at Inner Child Fun, a great blog with all kinds of awesome ideas for kids. I knew right away my reader's would love them : )

The sponge bomb bucket toss water game would be a perfect project/game for summer camps.

Here's what you'll need to make two sponge bombs:

  • 6 sponges in fun colors
  • 2 rubber bands or hair bands
  • scissor

To play the bucket toss game you'll need:

  • 2 buckets or dishpans
  • water
Cut each sponge lengthwise into three equal parts.
Then to make one sponge bomb, stack nine sponge slices in three layers of three slices. 
Line up your block of nine sponge slices as best you can and wrap your hairband around the middle. I had to wrap mine around twice.

Now fluff up your sponge bomb a bit to give it a nice shape. Don't wear yourself out doing this. It works great whether it looks perfect, or not. 
Now fill your buckets with water and place them however far apart works for your children. Have the kids dunk the sponge bombs in the water and get them all soppy wet. 
To play the sponge bomb bucket toss water game: 

Have each child kneel behind their bucket. If you made a bunch of sponge bombs you can see who can throw the most into the other one's bucket, or if you made two sponge bombs, you can see who can land their sponge bomb in the other bucket the most. My little one's had a great time just getting soaked by throwing the sponge bombs into each others bucket and of course, at each other (and me!).

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