Sunday, November 4, 2012

Leathercraft Key Coin Pouch

When I was a kid we used to go to the county fair every summer. There would always be a table with all kinds of neat leather goods, and every summer I'd get a leather bracelet with my name stamped on it. Fast forward a few years to high school where I found myself making my own leather goods in a crafts class. Now I use premium lambskin from Italy to cover the handbound journals I make. So leathercraft has always been interesting to me and thought it might be fun to do a leathercraft project. 

Tandy Leather Factory has a fun Beginner's Leathercraft Set that comes with everything you need to make seven different projects for $39.99. I purchased the same kit from Hobby Lobby for $24.99 and then I used a 40% off coupon from their weekly ad! From that kit I picked the leather key coin pouch for today's project.

Here's what you'll need to make yours:

Let's get started making our leathercraft key coin pouch by removing the project parts from the box. You'll grab the leather back flap, front, and strap for the key coin pouch, and the metal key chain. You'll also need the sponge and some water, the leather stain and applicator, the decorative hammer and design stamp (You might want a pair of latex gloves. I didn't use any and it will probably be a few days before the stain wears off of my skin), and the needle and thread.

Begin by using the sponge to make the smooth side of each leather piece lightly damp.

While the leather is still damp and feels cool to the touch, the leather is ready for stamping - which I thought was very fun, and so did my little guy : )
You'll be using the wooden mallet and the design stamping tool.

When finished stamping, allow piece to dry. Once dry you can apply a heavy, even coat of the stain to both sides of each project part making sure to get stain into the nooks and crannies of the design. Remove excess, allow to dry and then buff with a clean soft cloth to bring out a nice shine. 

Once everything is completely dry, place the rough sides of the leather front and back pieces together lining up the lacing holes. This is an exciting step because you begin to see your key coin pouch take shape!

Attach the needle to 3 feet of thread. 

Begin stitching leather front to back by starting between front and back parts, leaving 3 inches of thread to tie off later. Stitch up through the first hole in the front piece, then down through second aligned holes in front and back.

Align the leather strap over the 3rd and 4th holes, and stitch up through 3rd hole in back then up through the front hole and strap.

Stitch down through the 4th aligned holes in strap, front and back. Continue stitching around to the last hole on the other side.

Turn and continue stitching back around to starting hole, filling in between stitches you made the first time around.

When you've stitched your way back to the starting hole, stitch just through the back hole and tie two ends (from front and back) together. Snip ends and tuck knot down tight between front and back. The thread is waxed and stays pretty much where you put it.

Now fold back flap down and tuck it under the strap on the front, slip the key chain through the lined up holes and snap key chain together. 

This key coin pouch was fun and turned out great. The instructions were clear, which made the project go smoothly. When I finished this project, I couldn't wait to get back into the kit and do the others. Hope this piqued your interest in leathercraft and will have you doing your own key coin pouch soon!

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