Saturday, November 10, 2012

Paper Casting Ornament

For this week's project, I am using paper casting to make an ornament. You can find a great selection of paper casting supplies on the Arnold Grummer website.

Here's what you'll need to make yours:

Tear off enough of the cotton linter squares to cover the image in your mold. Then blend the squares with 3 cups of water in the blender on high for 45 seconds.

Pour blended linter squares through the strainer. Save the water in a bowl for the next cast.

Plop pulp into mold and pat into image. Try to maintain uniform thickness as best you can.

Tilt mold over bowl and press water out of wet pulp with fingers. Yes, my little guy wanted to help even with paint under his fingernails!

Use sponge to remove even more water. Press pulp into every detail. Then blot with a towel to remove the last amount of water.

Now carefully peel cast off of the mold and dry on a flat surface.

You can leave the rough edges, or trim them with a sharp craft knife once dry. You can decorate your paper casting ornament with glitter, colored chalk, paint, or anything you like really. I used glitter while blending the pulp to make my snowflake sparkly. I'll attach a ribbon to the back either with glue, or punch a hole and run the ribbon through it so I can hang it on our Christmas tree!

*Stay tuned for a special mid-week project on November 15th! The Arnold Grummer Design Team is having a blog hop that day and I hope you'll check it out!*

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