Monday, January 28, 2013

Window With A View

This blog post is bittersweet because it completes my six month commitment as a member of the Arnold Grummer Design Team. Back in August of 2012 I started posting two projects a month for Arnold Grummer's Paper Making. The products have been fantastic, and the encouragement from the nice folks at Arnold Grummer's Paper Making, and my fellow design team members, has been a real blessing. I wish them all nothing but the best in everything they do. For all you papercrafter's, I'm sure I'll still be doing paper projects from time to time, amidst the other creative ideas I'll be posting every week : )

This week's project is a Trifold Window Card embellished with beads. I adapted this project from an idea I liked in the ultimate papercraft bible. The creative possibilities are endless for designing your own card.  

Here's what you'll need to make yours:

Thread your needle and slip on your first bead.

Then thread the other end of the embroidery thread through the eye of the needle in the same direction as the end your threaded first.

Your bead should be sitting at the bottom of a loop now.

Push your needle through the card above the top of the window, in the center, from front to back. Not too close to the edge of the window or the paper will break.

Now gently pull the thread taut, and the bead will be flush with the paper.

Begin stringing the beads on the until they match the length of the window.

Once you've reached the bottom of the window, push the needle through the card, in the center, from back to front this time.

From here you can leave a few beads dangling at different lengths, choose a charm to hang from the end, or anything you can think of really. I chose a metal plate stamped with an inspirational message and attached it to the card with embroidery thread using basic sewing skills.

This was an easy, inexpensive project that was fun and turned out great. Who wouldn't love to receive this card? Or you could just give it to yourself : )
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