Monday, June 4, 2012

On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!

I love to learn. Actually, I think I'm addicted to learning. I am constantly seeking knowledge. I'll read the back of a shampoo bottle if there is nothing else to read nearby. In the craft world, that love of learning can be a blessing and a curse. Once I master the mystery of how to make something, I'm on to learn something new. My husband is a bit perplexed by this, maybe in part because it's hard to keep up. My kids happily endorse my need to create because it means lots of trips to Hobby Lobby and Michael's, and fun projects they can help with. Over the years I continue to use all the skills I've collected, some more than others, but I enjoy them all.

The purpose of this blog is to take you with me on this creative journey, and inspire you to get creative too! They'll be plenty of easy projects and maybe a few challenging ones. I'll be sure and give you resources and pictures with each project.  Many of the the skills I'll be featuring are more than just fun, they are life skills. It is very rewarding, and confidence building to make something yourself. And it doesn't end there. These are useful things for your own home, or someone else's. They all make great gifts, or if you could use some extra cash, you can sell them. Selling handmade items online is a growing, global opportunity like never before. So get ready because we've got a lot to learn, and it's gonna be so much fun, wait and see!
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Here are a few of the projects I'll be posting about:

Hand bound books and bookmaking                               
Paper making                                                                   
Paper crafting and cards                                                  
Baking, cake decorating and candy making                   
Drying flowers using a flower press                                              
Homemade lip balm                                                        
Soap making                                                                    
Cookie and soup mix jars                                                
Homemade dog treats                                                      
Sewing projects                                                               
Healthy cooking                                                              
Handmade jewelry                                                          
Basket weaving                                                               
Canning and preserving                                                  
Wreath making
Silk painting
Gourd birdhouses
Herb salt & vinegars
String angels
Fabric flowers
Dried fruits & herbs
Flavored oils
Candle making
Paper & Fabric beads
Arts & Crafts for children
Diaper cakes
Holiday projects & gifts
Bath salts, scrubs, & teas

...and anything else I can think of (maybe a few of your ideas too!). So stay tuned for my twice weekly blog posts, one to introduce the project and one for the project itself : )